CFUD Tournament

A championship tournament for any sport needs to be as encompassing as is possible. There needs to be an equitable means to facilitate the participation of all eligible teams, regardless as to conference or league affiliation. There also needs to be a sensible way to execute and reach an end to the selection process, a final conclusion based on results.

At some point the process will produce a single winning team, a National Champion based on performance against others vying for the same outcome.  At the end of this process we should be able to say we have a true champion, not an elected poster child of a system that reeks of corruption.

There are several models that have been discussed when it comes to the form this selection process should take, and some are of greater merit than others. My view is that all conferences in the CFUD need to be represented, as does there need to be provision for wild card or at large teams to be selected as well.

Given the number of conferences and the desire to offer the best representation of worthy teams to compete in this process there is need of at least 16 slots for participation in the tournament. Any fewer teams either creates a mathematical issue or a concern of not allowing worthy teams the opportunity to participate. Any more teams than 16 would cause too long of a process in the limited amount of time available to college teams.

The field of competitors should consist of 16 teams. All conferences represented, currently 11, 1 independent representative, and 4 at large teams to round out the field. Each CFUD conference will be allowed to select their representing team, preferably the conference champion, but not a requirement. The highest CFUD ranked independent which accepts the invitation to participate in the tournament will be seeded as a conference champion. The four at large teams may be selected from any eligible conference, provided they meet additional qualification.

The 16 teams will be separated into two 8 team regions, east and west, and teams will be seeded in each of the two regions. Seeding will be based on CFUD ranking at the end of the regular football season.  The CFUD Tournament would begin it’s process of determining a national champion based on head to head competition, and the results of those games. The participants of the CFUD National Championship Game would be the winning teams from the east regional pool and the west regional pool. CFUD1 will have a true National Champion.

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New Year, New System

Hello all,


Now that the 2010 college football season has drawn to a close, and the BCS has selected their champion, it is time to look to the future and a better system of selecting a national champion of college football. I think most of us who follow football have a view of how to provide the opportunity for all eligible teams to compete for a more true championship than what the BCS system has been able to offer. Those that drive their system have strongly suggested that they are not willing to make any changes in how they conduct business.


The BCS has for several years held a tight grasp of the post season of CFUD 1 ( College Football Upper Division 1 ), FBS by their terminology, and most of us have accepted it for what it is. Still, this system does not however deliver a true national champion as it continues to limit accessibility to those teams and conferences that are not part of their cartel. The BCS has the opportunity to adjust how it selects participants in their post season, to further the process to satisfy their customer base. There are various methods of reaching a more equitable selection process and crowning a champion that has proven it’s self where it matters most, on the field. They will not. Why should they?


We as fans are held hostage to this system simply because there has been no option. The BCS is the only entity willing, and perhaps able to offer a post season selection process for determining college football’s highest division’s champion. The BCS is a business entity and they are entitled to opperate their business as they see fit, within the limits of the law. Until another option, another choice becomes available, we should expect little or no change.


So, our challenge as fans is clear, our desires as customers of this product called college football is what will drive what may happen in the next few years. We as consumers can demand a better product. We can ask of the current provider to produce a better product. We can look to new ventures to provide something of a better system. It becomes a question of money, and good old fashioned capitalism. There is room for competition in this sector of entertainment, and a whole bunch of money to be made. Let’s make it happen, we the fans, the customers of college football.


Demand a better product. Ask the BCS to become more encompassing in it’s selection process. If the BCS is not willing to provide what we want, then we must look elsewhere. We must create the demand for another provider to produce the selection process that will give us a true champion of CFUD 1. It is simple, the basic rule of supply and demand. If we as fans demand this product, someone will provide it. It is about money.



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College Football Upper Division1 Tournament

Hello college football fans, welcome to the discussion we all want to have, selecting a true college football champion. I will post my version of a realistic tournament in the next few days and I welcome your feedback and input.

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